Our Food Forest Plans for Piwakawaka Valley Homestead

I have been asked more than once to share the plants that we currently have in our food forest at Piwakawaka Valley Homestead. So here are our current plants, plus the ones I plan to add soon Purple cane willow (Salix purpurea) Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) Blueberry (Vaccinium virgatum) – Powder blue … Read more

How to Make a Food Forest: Free Food Forest Workshop Notes

What is a Food Forest? A food forest, or an edible forest garden, is a permanent planting that follows permaculture principals and mimics a forest layout, but replaces native trees with edible options that fill the same roles. What are the benefits of a food forest over a monoculture orchard or annual garden? Resilient Low … Read more

5 Steps to Maintaining an Edible Food Forest Garden

maintaining a food forest garden

Food forests are by definition, supposed to be low maintenance. Permaculture means permanent agriculture – do it once, and reap the benefits for the rest of time. This, however, does not mean that there is no maintenance involved in having a food forest, especially as it is getting established. Steps to Maintaining an Edible Food … Read more

Planning an Urban Food Forest

Planning an urban food forest in New Zealand

A food forest can be as simple as a couple of fruit trees and some understory plants in an urban backyard, or as complex as a 1000 acre forest. Planning a food forest, no matter how big, has a few steps that are worth following and working your way through. Planning your urban food forest … Read more