Our Story

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Welcome to Food Forest Plants New Zealand!

We are a family of 6 that live in the south of NZ on a very steep, gorse covered 10 acre block.

Dana also blogs over at piwakawakavalley.co.nz where you can see many of our adventures.

What we aim to provide

We have started this specific site to give information and knowledge to people in New Zealand that want to create their own food forest garden.

Growing a food forest garden in NZ is quite different to the advice and stories that you will find elsewhere on the internet.

We aim to give you advice and tips to grow a successful food forest in our coastal, temperate climate.

What our plans are

We have started creating our own food forest garden on about 250m2 and have plans to eventually convert our whole orchard area to a food forest.

As our plants grow and multiply, we will begin to offer some plants for sale from our food forest nursery.

Perennial plants for food forests are hard to come by in NZ still, and we would like to grow and provide useful and interesting plants that have done well for us to others that would like to do the same.

Sharing is caring!